Methods of Interoperability: Moodle and WeBWorK


  • Michael Gage University of Rochester



Moodle, WEPS, WeBWorK, LMS, mathematics online homework


The first requirement for an online mathematics homework engine is to encourage students to practice and reinforce their mathematics skills in ways that are as good or better than traditional paper homework. The use of the computer and the internet should not limit the kind or quality of the mathematics that we teach and, if possible, it should expand it. Now that much of the homework practice takes place online we have the potential of a new and much better window into how students learn mathematics, but only if we continue to ensure that students are studying the mathematics we want them to learn and not just mathematics that is easily gradable. Learning Management Systems handle mathematics questions poorly in general but when properly combined with specialized mathematics question engines, they can do much better and still retain their own look and feel for managing a course and collecting data. This paper presents an overview of two interoperation mechanisms developed to connect Moodle (an LMS) and WeBWorK (a mathematics question engine) for use in the WEPS (World Educational Portals) Open Online Courses. It provides a preview of the type of data that can be collected using these tools.


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