Research with Simulated Data


  • Arnon Hershkovitz Tel Aviv University
  • Simon Knight
  • Jelena Jovanovic
  • Shane Dawson
  • Dragan Gasevic



learning analytics, LAK, simulated data, simulated learners


This first issue of the Journal of Learning Analytics in 2017 features a special section of invited papers from the recent Learning Analytics and Knowledge conference (LAK'16). The theme of the conference, and this special section, relates to the need for Learning Analytics research to challenge our methodological and theoretical assumptions and build new interdisciplinary connections to further our thinking.


Berg, A.M., Mol, S.T., Kismihók, G., & Sclater, N. (2016). The role of reference synthetic data generator within the field of learning analytics. Journal of Learning Analytics, 3(1), 107-128.

Pelánek, R., Řihák, J., & Papoušek, J. (2016). Impact of data collection on interpretation and evaluation of student models. Proceedings of the Sixth International Learning Analytics & Knowledge Conference, 40-47.




How to Cite

Hershkovitz, A., Knight, S., Jovanovic, J., Dawson, S., & Gasevic, D. (2017). Research with Simulated Data. Journal of Learning Analytics, 4(1), 1–2.

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